2 Ways to Improve Your English Writing Skills Instantly ?

It this time I want to share something about English writing skills. As we all know, English besides science is also a skill that has to be trained routinely.

In this article I will share something about things that would enhance your writing skills. Where at the end, you can write english without being stressed of all new things in english.

All of the below are some tips that will help you to improve your english writing skills.

I will devide this section into two parts that each part has several points which is related to the main part.

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Read more english books

Read more english books

Multiply you reading habit

I once said in my latest article that a secret to your english speaking is through listening. Expert believe that listening will enhance your ability to speak fluently english more efficient.

As well as writing, writing is very closely related to reading where it can improve our ability to write.

So, my first suggest is to multiply you reading habit because it will improve your writing skills in no time. Not only that, by using this method you will enrich your vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and will also get a fresh idea easily.

I give you an example:

If you want to write a description or an essay about computer or school, you need to read some information about those in the books, internet or even magazine. That will help you reach a fresh and bright idea about anything you wan to write.

After you get ideas through those reference, then you may try to write your own. You will realize that it is much easier than just starting to write without previous input. You can also read english article from our published article.

Make the English dictionary as a friend

As your english dictionary becomes your friend, you will easily enrich your vocabulary to the next level. It is like learning a new antonyms and synonyms which will avoid you from using repeated word and phrases in the paragraph.

Now days, you can easily hold the dictionary easily from your phone etc. As long as you are diligently open and learn new words everday, You will find meaningful changes in your writing.

Brush up your english grammar and do some exercises to boost your writing skills

Although you intend to practice writing, however, with your routine in answering some english exercises will also improve your writing skills. That’s why quiz or exercise is still the best method to learn and mastering something including writing.

I am sick with grammar, is there any other way?
Anyway I already can speak english fluently.

You do have to know that grammar is the important thing when you write. Writing need a formal and structured sentence and paragraph while the one most needed in speaking is (CCU) cross culture understanding.

Although we often hear foreigners talking with the right grammar, it does not mean they deliberately use it, it is just reflexes. The most they pay attention to when communicating is the CCU.

If you are surprised why foreigners can master English with grammar without learning grammar, you can read it ion the listening article.

After knowing this fact, brush up your grammar lesson in order to make your writing quality even better. Grammar can make your writing more formal and more structured.

Make sure your spelling is correct

Having a spelling mistakes in the process of learning to write are natural and do not need to worry. Therefore, you must check your spelling when you finish writing.

If you have spelling mistake in your writing, it will spoil an attractive piece to read. Moreover, our goal is to write for others to read anything we have written.

Make a diary in English to enhance your writing skills

Having a habit to write a diary about yourself or other will turn your writing skill. Note that you have to make it as your routine activity.

The purpose of making the diary as a topic is to make it easier for you to find ideas to write about. You will feel relieve and free because you it is about yourself and you don’t need to elaborates sentences.

Expand your sentence

You have to learn to make your sentence more valuable. It is like to make your sentences into more complex ones.

Here are the sentences with a basic sentences structure in english :

Subject + Verb


  • Jenny works
  • John is playing football

Subject + Verb + Object


  • I speak english
  • Jenny is learning spanish

Subject + Verb + Adverb

  • I work hard
  • Jenny stays at home

Subject + Verb + Noun

  • I am a student
  • Jenny is an English teacher

Example of how to elaborate sentence

Every day Jenny goes to work, while John always plays soccer with his friends. Both of us good in english but Jenny is now in the process of learning Spanish.

Improve your writing skills by organizing paragraph

Improve your writing skills by organizing paragraph

Start organizing your paragraph

It is very useful to start writing your paragraph with a topic you like. It will improve you writing skills. In your paragraph, you can explain what you want to write, then you can add some supporting sentences.

Supporting sentences are like the information about the topic. After that you can add short conclusion to it. Conclusion is a summary of ideas you write in the body of your text.

You have to get used to make any transition between paragraph as a signal of relationship between ideas in your text which will your writing so your body text could will be managed smoothly.

Make an Outline

Making an outline is an important stuff in your writing. even it is a simple writing text, you have to make it clear what massage you want to convey in your writing.

There are several ways in organizing outline which you have to familiarize it with your mind so that you can create the perfect outline.

Ask your friend or colleague to read your writing skills

It could be your classmate, your spouse, a teacher or else whoever master the english language and can help you with your mistake in writing. They also will give you suggestion about sentence’s structure, ideas or even outline.

Thing that you have to realize is writing english needs process. It is not something you can endure and master in no time. You have to get used to write routinely as what is told in a tips above.

So, what are you waiting for? start now!

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